Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tangled up in blue.

This Tuesday after school I went home to my friend Emma with Nathalie.
First we took the bicycles and went to the sea.
Emma and Nathalie bathed but I didn't feel like it (very strange! haha!)
I had my lovely high Dr Martens. <3
I wrote on my fingers.
I took pictures on me because I'm so cool. (not)
The sun tried to push through the clouds.
What I wore. (Emmas shirt)
We packed our things and went back to our bikes. Nathalie's outfit was also very colorful!
On the way back home.
Later Nathlie left and me and Emma sat and listened to Surfer Blood and looked if there was any good bands who was going to play on the Brighton Pier when me and Emma are there this summer.

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