Friday, 3 June 2011

I'm dead, but I'm the happiest girl in this entire world. This day has been so aaaaaaaaaaawesome, you can't understand! Great bands almost all the time and it was like paradise there becouse all of the people were like so awesome, chill and had great style! HAHA.
But The Kooks was the best throughout the whole day!!!!!! And OOOOMMMMMFFFFFFGGGGG, I got eye contact with Luke Pritchard when I was standing in front of the stage and I got completely desperate and screamed to him and he just laughed and started dancing this totally cute dork dance. OMFG, My life can't be more perfect right now. Or no, it would have been even better if I could be there the whole weekend but instead I'm going to my summerhouse :[ Fuck you summerhouse (parents). I'll upload the pictures soon!
Now I'm going to sleep.

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