Thursday, 28 April 2011

jag vill ha sommar nu.
inte behöva tänka på något som har med skolan och massa annat bajs att göra.
gå med bruna ben i kläder från favoritbutikerna.
se massa fina pojkar med brunt ruffsigt hår som hänger över ögonen.
jag vill till england, eller rättare sagt london och brighton.
jag vill träffa nya människor som är som jag.
lyssna på fin musik.
hitta nya roliga butiker.
gå runt med turkosa toppar och slitet hår.
åh, jag vill att tiden spolas fram till sommar nununu.

Sorry for writing in swedish...

I'm not a second fucking choice.

höhohohööhohöhooohö. I'm bored. I've got a big history test tomorrow. Blöööööööööööööööh.

Eight days a week, I love you.

Pictures from the summerhouse.
I bought a Beatles LP on a cute flea market. <3
And the inside was super cool. C:
I also bought this analog camera at the flea market. I just have to by film to it.
We were in a really cute antique store with lots of cute cool stuff. I found an old globe where Russia still was called Soviet Union. I wanted to bring it home with me, but unfortunately I had to leave it there with all the cool stuff. :c
We were on a cute flea market in the small town.

I ate the most delicious cake. nommnonmnonmonom.
We were at the centre of the city where they had decorated with easter stuff.
We saw red small cute houses.
We walked around the old streets.
I wore my lovely jacket almost everyday although I really didn't need it because of the heat.
I look retarded. hehe
I wore my favorite shoes.<3
Andre and Frida.
The view from our summerhouse with is located on a island.


Before I go to school... I think I've found my confirmation dress! Actually I really wanted a sailor-like dress, but now when I've found this I don't know witch I want to have. This dress is so cute. The only problem is that my size is out of stock... Well, I just have to wait and see. Otherwise it's just to continue the hunt after a sailor-dress.
What do you think?
[Click on the pictures to see were I found the dress]

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'm tired.
Goodnight strangers. <3

All along the watchtower.

Today I had bare legs. Oh, I love this weather! Don't ever let it go away.
Me and my friends went into the park today and just sat there and talked about nothing before the gymnastic. We had a fitness test at the gymnastic and we were going to run 2.4 km. I ran in 10.59 minutes witch is MVG (MVG is like A).
I'll try to uploads the pictures from the summerhouse later!



Here Comes The Sun.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

dip dye dip dye dip dye dip dye dip dye dip dye dip dye.

öööööhöhöhöhöhööööhhöhö. I want to dip dye my hair now!! But I don't know if my hair is to short... wieudsasadk. Bye.

Jag tänker alltid på dig i April.

Yesterday I came back from the summerhouse but I was to tired to update on the blog. In a few minutes I'm off to the piano and later when I come home it's just to start with the fucking homework. :c I'll try to upload pictures from the summerhouse later today, but otherwise I'll just upload them another day.
ps, It's like summer weather here!!!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Heeey! I'm in my summerhouse and it's amazing! The house is totally awesome and so is the weather. In a month they are starting to build the pool so it's goign to be awesome to be here with myfriends this summer.
Yetserday Rebecca & Fiona was in town and you could see them for free, but ofc my parents didn't let me... Fuck them. :c
Anyway, now me and my friend Gustaf are goign to bake a cake.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The future is bulletproof.

Pictures from this Monday when I was in Falsterbo with some friends. I'll upload more pictures when I get home on monday because now I'm going to my summerhouse. I'll try to find internet but I don't think I will...
Bye guys.
Me and some friends had a picnic to celebrate Johanna's 15th birthday.
We ate aldo ice cream and drank their soda. The best ice cream and soda in the world!
I promise.

We talked and watched as the sun went down.
We went into the woods and watched the small cute bathing huts.
Some of the girls.
Later almost ten other people came and we talked, laughed and watched as the moon came up.
And we sat in a circle around an open fire. Nice.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The streets are dirty, dark and deep.

Turquoise like the ocean.

I've found where I can buy the hair color to when I'm going to dip dye my hair. It's just that I want the turquoise color above but I can't find it. :c Otherwise I have to take pink... Oh well.
I think I'm going to the store next weekend so I'll ask them if they have the turquoise or not then.
Witch do you think I shall take?

Copenhagen, I never stopped loving you.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day and I was just generally happy.
Both me and André look quite ugly on this picture... hehe.
André and Frida. How cute aren't they?
Frida, cute as always.
Me in the best music store ever! The records didn't cost more than 60 cent and everywhere it stood the music's genre. Indie indie indie.
Andre found Muse's record.
Bob Dyland's record. <3

Have you guys heard JUSTICE new song Civilization? It's aaaaawesome.
Pancakes and waffles.
It was crowded with people everywhere you looked witch I kinda liked.

Me and my new jacket. (I'm in love)