Thursday, 7 April 2011

There is a street where everyone knows my name.

Today I woke up with that my mum and my two older brothers sang to me and gave me presents. I got money, a painting and sunglasses from Cheap Monday that actually fit in. Then I also got from my mum that when we are going to Copenhagen in a few weeks, she'll by me something nice. I'm really glad for everything!
Later I went to school but as I thought I went back home two ours later. haha!
The rest of the day I have just been eating, watching the OC and been resting. For a while ago one of my brothers and his girlfriend Frida came home and they had bought even more gifts to me! I got a gift-card on Monki and Tjallamalla. My family is the best! Here's Fridas blog!
Soon my mum will get back home and we're going to bake a chocolate cake for tomorrow night, because my cousins and family's friends are coming for my birthday party.
By and kisses.

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