Sunday, 17 April 2011

They'll name a city after us.

Tomorrow me and my mum are going to Copenhagen. Oh, I love that city.

Okay. I haven't been blogging because that my internet was totally fucked up and it didn't work.But now I'm back! I hope... hehe ^^
This Friday the spring break finally came and I was happier than ever. I've just been chilling at my place and done nothing. It has been actually been nice to not be with my friends... haha!
But soon me and my friend Emma are going to flea market again. Last weekend when we where there I bought a really nice shirt and I was thiiiiiiis close to by an old suitcase from the 50's, but I couldn't decide wether I should take it or not so I ended up with not buying it(Which I totally regret now!!!! :c)
Later today I'll upload lots of photos.

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