Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eight days a week, I love you.

Pictures from the summerhouse.
I bought a Beatles LP on a cute flea market. <3
And the inside was super cool. C:
I also bought this analog camera at the flea market. I just have to by film to it.
We were in a really cute antique store with lots of cute cool stuff. I found an old globe where Russia still was called Soviet Union. I wanted to bring it home with me, but unfortunately I had to leave it there with all the cool stuff. :c
We were on a cute flea market in the small town.

I ate the most delicious cake. nommnonmnonmonom.
We were at the centre of the city where they had decorated with easter stuff.
We saw red small cute houses.
We walked around the old streets.
I wore my lovely jacket almost everyday although I really didn't need it because of the heat.
I look retarded. hehe
I wore my favorite shoes.<3
Andre and Frida.
The view from our summerhouse with is located on a island.

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