Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The future is bulletproof.

Pictures from this Monday when I was in Falsterbo with some friends. I'll upload more pictures when I get home on monday because now I'm going to my summerhouse. I'll try to find internet but I don't think I will...
Bye guys.
Me and some friends had a picnic to celebrate Johanna's 15th birthday.
We ate aldo ice cream and drank their soda. The best ice cream and soda in the world!
I promise.

We talked and watched as the sun went down.
We went into the woods and watched the small cute bathing huts.
Some of the girls.
Later almost ten other people came and we talked, laughed and watched as the moon came up.
And we sat in a circle around an open fire. Nice.


  1. What camera did you use for these pictures???
    They look amazing!

    Love the blog!!!

  2. I used a program called inmstagram on my Iphone.
    Thank you soo much dear! <3


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