Thursday, 23 June 2011

sorry for not blogging. But I haven't really been able too this week because it's confirmation and it's fucking summer! hihi
But now I'm going to the summerhouse and I'll come home at Sunday. Then on Monday it's of to the confirmation camp for two weeks. No blogging! :C
I see you on Sunday.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

hon - varför gillar du mig egentligen ?
han - därför ditt sätt att dansa till Joy Divison är fint, och du är så himla himla vacker.

Here's pictures from yesterday morning when my friends were at my place before the school closure.
Taking pictures in thaaa yaaard.
Me, Caroline, Olivia, Elsa, Amanda, Nathalie and Emma.
Cute Hanna.
Happy me. haha
Me and Amanda being happy.
Happy girls, no school in nine weeks!!
Cute Johanna and Caroline
Beautiful Johanna and Nicole.
At last Elsa, me and Emma.

After when we had got our grades and could go home we went to Hanna and bathed in her pool the whole day long. Pictures will come up soon! Haha, OMG, lots of pictures to upload! xd

School closure.

School's out for summer!!! Yesterday was literally awesome. Here's pictures from the school closure.
In the church......... boring.
My beautiful foot. ehehhehe
The songs we and the choir sang.
Nathalie and Emma.
Elsa was cute with braids in her hair.
Elsa wore a beautiful 50's dress.
And Hanna was cute as always.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm so confused.

Tomorrow schools out for summer. Gooooosh. love.

ewgkkadhsbc, I'm confused.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

camp camp camp.

Now me and my friends are going to camp in my backyard. Hehe, random.
Sleep tight.

The spaces between.

Today at school we didn't do anything important and I want the summer break now! Okay, I just have to wait two more days... hehe
The only important thing that we did was to listen to a teacher that told us about that we're soon going to high school and we have to start figure out witch school we want to go to. I have already figured it out. I'm going to Heleneholm focusing on music and social science. It seems to be really good and I KNOW that I'll like it there! c:
Some pictures from today at school.
My new favorite fabric bag from Beyond Retro.
It looks like Elsa and Amanda are kissing. haha
I was wearing my lovely 2hand shirt from myrorna and 2hand shorts from a flea market that Hanna changed a bit.
We're quite random sometimes...

A well respected man.

Why must some boys be so damn beautiful?
It's not fun.
Oh, I have to stop falling for every guy that I meet with brown messy hair hanging over their eyes (as you should know by now, that I love that... hehehe).

Take me out.

Off to school. And I know it looks like I don't have an upper lip, but I do. Haha c:

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Oh Gothenburg, I love you.

Yesterday me, my mum and my brother went to Gothenburg. It took about two and half an hour to get there and during the car travel I just listened to music. Everything from Timbaktu to Broken Bells to the Last Shadow Puppets to Shout out Louds. Ooohohohoohoh, I love music.
I wore my favorit dooooocs.
Alec (brother) was cute as always... haha
We ate at Mcdonalds cause we're so healthy!
We walked around looking at the city.
Alec pretended to be cool.
We went to Beyond Retro and OMFG, that store is freaking awesome!!!
And me again. (you can see a bit of the pale pink hair....hehehe)
On thing I just love about Gothenburg is their trams. Although, they always almost ran over me.... haha
We weent to Weekday ofc.
And it was sale. Again. c:
I had borrowed my other brother's girlfriend's camera.
I tried a really cute shirt, but it didnät follow me home. :c
Random picture...
Alec's shirt.
The streets again.
Later we went to lovely Monki. It's strange that they don't have guy clothes there... If, Alec would buy everything!
Me again.
I love the interior.
Me. I'm wearing a jumpsuit from Monki, cardigan from JC, Hat from Tjallamalla, Docs from SHOCK and fabric bag from KB.
Alec bought a sweater on Weekday.
And we found an awesome magazine about all the festivals that are in Sweden this summer, and I want to go to almost everyone! Fuck life sometimes. :c

Now I'm going to sleep because tomorrow I have to write my last essay in school.