Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The spaces between.

Today at school we didn't do anything important and I want the summer break now! Okay, I just have to wait two more days... hehe
The only important thing that we did was to listen to a teacher that told us about that we're soon going to high school and we have to start figure out witch school we want to go to. I have already figured it out. I'm going to Heleneholm focusing on music and social science. It seems to be really good and I KNOW that I'll like it there! c:
Some pictures from today at school.
My new favorite fabric bag from Beyond Retro.
It looks like Elsa and Amanda are kissing. haha
I was wearing my lovely 2hand shirt from myrorna and 2hand shorts from a flea market that Hanna changed a bit.
We're quite random sometimes...

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