Sunday, 12 June 2011


Pictures from yesterday when me, Emma, Amanda and Hanna were in town and Nathalie's birthday dinner in the evening.
Emma and Amanda.
Me after I had bought a lovely dotted dress on weekday and a awesome jumpsuit on Monki.
Amanda and me.
A piece of Emma...
Emma, she's so cute.
Me and Amanda when we're really neat, or what do you think? haha
Beautiful Amanda.
Me. HYPE ON LOOKBOOK! After this picture was taken I bought the must lovely hat on the planet on Tjallamalla.
I bought the pink hairspray in town and Hanna helped me to spray it on my hair. It went okay, but it's better today because it's not that "colorful" like in the picture. This is before the dinner.
Both Hanna, Emma and Amanda bought the same ring.
Amanda and Emma on their way to Nathalie's dinner.
Me with my new hat and pink hair.
On our way again. hehe
And agaaain....
Emma and me posing on the streets. hmm
Amanda just before we went inside to Nathalie's house.
The weather was great and Nathalie had made the table really pretty.
Cute Nathalie.
Me and Jojo doing something I don't know... C:
Me being very happy for something.
Nathalie got a really fun book where there were hundreds of songs where people had sang the wrong lyrics, it was so fun! haha
Nathalie's and Emma's hands.
Beautiful Jojo.
Nathalie and Olivia had cute summer dresses.
Later it got too cold to be outside so we went inside to warm up.
Esa and Jojo did something totally random that I didn't understand what it was... haha.
Nathalie had made her "famous" cookies to each of us and it was like a hallelujah moment! haha, no, but they're sooooo good!!!
In action.
Me with my cookies!
Later we went outside again and we went to a park where we took pictures.
Everybody's happy!
Me walking down the grass. yeeaah
Elsa and Amanda had a "fight" on the grass.
Some of the girls.
We played I dare you.
Last picture is a picture of Olivia and Elsa being...hmmmm... weird!

This weekend has been totally awesome. This Friday I went to a graduation party with my family witch was really boring, but The Saturday was awesome and I slept over at Nathalie's place because the rest of my family were in our summerhouse.
Today I went with my friend Caroline to the flea market and I bought a lovely sweater for only 20 kr! It's a bargain! Pictures of everything will appear on my blog this week.


You're awesome!