Monday, 14 March 2011

Love it all.

Fuuuuucking awesome!!! The Kooks are coming to Siesta! It's a swedish festival and I just have to go there and see them play! I'm thinking of buying a day ticket so I can see them and lots of other great bands. I just hope, hope, hope that I can go there! My parents seem to think it's okay. The only problem is that I don't have someone to go with... My brother and his girlfriend is going to be there with their friends in the camp but I don't think they want to be with me there... Fuck!
I hope that I found someone to go with... :c Otherwise I'm just going to cry over them and that I haven't seen them. That sounds quite fun too, don't you think? hehe, or not! GAAAAH! I NEED TO SEE THEM!
Plus: I think that Luke is one of the hottest and best looking man that I've ever seen. I wouldn't refuse to have him as a boyfriend! hehe.


You're awesome!