Monday, 21 March 2011

The Big Apple.

Yesterday my dad was thiiiiis close to by tickets to me and my mum to New York to the autumn break, but he was too tired. My parents are going to South Africa on Thursday and they are there for 9 days. My grandma will come home to keep and eye on me and my brothers. hehe.
When my parents get home they're going to by tickets. God, how I long!
I long to search for a cute apartment that we can rent, I long to walk around in Central Park when the leaves are falling from the trees, I long to go into lots of lovely secondhand and vintage stores and find tons of cute and different stuff, I long to visit famous places, I long for the feeling when you whistle on the street and a yellow taxi comes driving to you, and I long for the beautiful nights in New York City.
I just can't wait

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