Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Anywhere you looked.

I told you guys that I was going to tell you guys something today, but I'm not going to tell you in details...
My friend was returning home from a skiingholiday. She went by trai to the airport and she sat listening in a half hour to a guy and a girl who spoke English under the journey. Suddenly he said: "I hate when girls come screaming after me and then think that I'm mean because I ignore them". She turned to see who it really was and there is Robert Pattinson and his manager!!! It's so fucking siiick!
She just stared at him until he saw her and then she had to look away. She didn't go up to him because of what she had heard what he said earlier... But I'm so envious! :c Oh well...
And yes, I was one of those girls who was totally in love with him for two years ago... And I must admit that he is really hot. AND English!


  1. ahh I love the first and the second picture of Robert Pattinson :) I think he's so cute.

  2. hihihihihi, snacka om vilken tur jag hade!!!!!

  3. hihihi, snacka om vilken tur jag hade!! ( jag tror den första kommentaren inte fungerade så här kommer en till!) hahahhaahha


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