Wednesday, 2 March 2011

But the memories wont seem to let me go.

Today I'm going to school with a dotted black and white dress and Dr Martens. Maybe I'll take a picture of it later if I have time. I was supposed to see Amélie from Montmartre yesterday, but when it had finished download I saw that there where no text and I don't know one word in French! Hahah! It's a bit of a shame actually because I think the language is so beautiful. Oh well. I have already seen a bit in the start of the movie for about a year ago but I never saw the whole... So now I will! I have to download it again tonight with text.
Now I need to get ready for school.
Picture from this Saturday when I Saw Håkan.
p.s: I'm totally in love with Håkan Hellström right now.

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