Sunday, 1 May 2011

See the sun.

Yesterday was Valborgsmässoafton and I had some friends over for barbecue. Pictures from my friend Hanna.
Hanna had bought an awesome longboard that I just wanted to take.
The sun began to disappear behind the trees, but it was still warm.
We started to grill the meat and vegetables with the fear
if we were going to burn up the house or not. But we didn't. hehe
Jojo(Sofi) sat on the longboard and tried to speed.
Polo was happy that he was the only boy with so many girls.
Nathalie also took many pictures with her awesome camera.
Elsa picked me up and ran around in the garden with me. I was scared... :c
Nathalie was thrilled when she found the forks... Or not........

Amanda and Emma drank Vitamin Well. mmmm
Elsa and her looovely tomatos.

Emma and me in background.
We talked about everything between heaven and earth.
Elsa is dancing. hmmm
Cute Nathalie and Amanda.
Beautiful(I hate that word! It's so ugly..hehe. It's better in sewdish) Amanda.
Me on the lovely longboard.
Elsa eating a strawberry.
We got Daim ice cream that Jojo hade made and strawberrys. Ooh, it was so good.
Strawberry with sugar. mm
Cute Emma.
Me being busy talking about I don't know.
Later it got to cold to be outside so we went inside.
Amanda doing... something.
Elsa is trying to look like a pedophile that is touching my chest, we're a bit strange!

I've been busy all weekend. On the Friday my friends celebrated me and Johanna's birthday. It was totally wonderful. Thank you. <3 I'll upload the pictures this week. Today I've been to church, flea market, then the town were I bought a really cute flower dress from Monki, later I went home and studied for a test and then the best through this weekend. I'VE BOUGHT THE S!ESTA TICKET!! HAPPY GIRL!

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