Friday, 13 May 2011

Have you ever been in love?

Today I had no school. The day started with that me, Nathalie and Emma went down to the sea in the morning to run. After that I jumped into the sea with all my clothes on (I always do that in the summer...haha?). Then at eleven o'clock me, Emma, Nathalie, Hanna and Jojo went into town to look at clothes. I bought a shirt from Monki(the one on the pictures), a jumpsuit from H&M, a bandana from Carlings(the one in the pictures) and a dress from Myrorna that I have changed a bit to a totally awesome dress!
Right now I'm sitting all alone in my room absolutely miserable. HAHA. No, but seriously, I'm bored(as you see, I'm a no lifer at the moment. Sitting in my room taking photos of my self....). bored bored bored bored booooooooored.
What have you guys done today?

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