Friday, 4 February 2011

I will read you like an open book.

Just got home from town with my friends. We saw the movie Love and other drugs. It was a bit strange sometimes but yet sooo beautiful. At the end, all the couples in the cinema kissed and it was really cute..!
Right now I'm doing nothing... :c Besides being extremely tired, but as usual I don't want to go to bed, hehe.
Anyway, what have you guys done today? Not that you usually answer, but still.
As always, picture from weheartit.
I ordered four books this Sunday but they haven't arrived yet so I have nothing to read.. :c They will come on Monday or Tuesday... Buhuuu!
Right now I'm in a period that I need to read books all the time. I love it! Especially love books. The feeling when you just disappear into another's words and sentences and are in a completely different world. I love it.

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