Saturday, 12 February 2011

Awake my apathetic soul.

Hi. Yesterday evening me and my friends made dinner at my house and just hung out. It was lovely! I was going to take some pictures but then I realized that my camera's still broken... :c
Anyway, later some of them left and and the others stayed and slept over. Today we went to town and I finally found a "study job" for two weeks on Espresso House. I will probably be dishing all the time, but what the hell..! C: I bought a dotted blouse/dress on Monki and a beautiful floral dress on H&M. Later we went to some secondhand shops and I was hoping to find my dream spring jacket. But nono, I didn't find it. :c Well, it's just to keep looking!
Right now I'm sitting and listening to Coldplay. I'm completely depressed because yesterday I realized that I'm not going to be home when they're going to play in Gothenburg. Instead I'm going to sit in some cabin somewhere in Sweden listening to hymns about god and prayers. Stupid confirmation! :(

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