Sunday, 21 November 2010

I wish you were here to warm up my night.

Hey! Sorry for the bad update this weekend! But I had so much to do this weekend. This Friday me and my friend celebrated our friends birthday. We surprised them with money and that we were going to be their "slaves" for a day. Then we stayed at my place and watched a movie and talked all night. On Saturday I was with some other friends. We were in teams and and every team was going to do a main dish and a dessert. Later that night we were a bit crazy and played hide and seek. It all ended up with me getting nosebleed. I have never had nosebleed before but I just laughed! haha.
If I summarize how the whole weekend has been, it will be AWESOME!
(God, how I long after winter and snow now! The pictures are beautiful and I think I'll be looking at them all night...)

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