Sunday, 28 November 2010

I need a dreamcatcher so you can catch my dark dreams.

My feet's are the happiest feet's on the earth right now. Bought Dr Martens today and they are absolutely perfect! Bought a size too big because the other sizes was totally sold out. They were the last pair and I just grabbed them to me! I also bought a really nice coat from H&M that I had seen yesterday. Then i bought socks and knitted socks. I'm so happy right now! I was also supposed to buy a light chain to my rome (you can see what I am going to do with it a bit further down on the page) but it was sold out... I also realized that I have to do some dreamcatchers. They're so crazy beautiful!
But then there also is a so-called reality that call and it's just to get started with the homework again...

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