Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Give me those three words and I'll be fine.

Hey sweeties. I know I'm a bad blogger this week but I have quite much in school.
This is how I feel right now:
I'm tired and cold and I just want someone to hold me and say those three words that make you melt for a second... I long after having someone I can share everything with, someone who makes me feel safe and someone who loves me more than anything else... You may well say that I just need a cute indie boy right now! If you know someone, contact me!!

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  1. I met this year a boy who fall in love with me ; he loves me so much ; it's amazing ! Before I knew him, I don't believe that it was possible a love like this. But now, I wish I fall in love with him too.... And it will be a beautiful story ^^

    ps : sorry for my english ! =3 please correct me if you don't mind =3

    Bye ^^


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