Saturday, 29 January 2011

You fooled me into believing.

Today me and my mum went into town to look at ski clothes. It ended with that I'm going to have the same ski clothes as last year... buhu. Later my mum left and I stayed and looked at clothes. I went to Tjallamalla and found a pair of awesome shorts that I really need to buy! I also asked them who worked there if I could work there for two weeks, but they didn't let anyone under eighteen work there... :c But she told me to come back when I'm eighteen and search for a job there then. HAHA!
After that I went to Monki and bought a denim vest that I'm totally in love in. It's the image above. I also tried the dotted blouse on the other picture and it was really pretty. But I couldn't by it because I didn't have enough money...
Now I'm going to sit down and do homework for the rest of the day and evening. I hope you guys have more fun than me.

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