Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sharing different heartbeats in one night.

Hey everyone! I haven't been a good blogger these few days, but I can explain (as always, hehe). First: I have a looooot in school right now. Today I had a swedish sample, next Friday, I have chemistry test and an essay in biology. On the next wednesday, I have an English test and on Thursday, I have a reeeally big test about economy. So I'm a little bit stresses right now...
Second: My computer is really weird. I tried to download photoshop in 30 days free but it was some weird website that made my computer weird. So now I can't save pictures on my computer... :(
Anyway, right now I'm waiting for the clock to become eight because a program I want to see starts.
If you want to you can hype my new look on lookbook.

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