Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Pictures from today at school and at home.

Tomorrow my class is going to take class photo tomorrow and all the girls will dress up like "harajuku" girls. Haha, awesome! Actually, we're not allowed to "dress up" because we have to be "serious" on the picture, but wtf? we don't care. I just hope that they will take the photo so that they don't like say that they can't take the picture because we have different clothes on...
Then on Friday we're free from school so me and my friends are going into town to look in some stores. Then on Saturday me and my mum and dad are going to the capital, STOCKHOLM! In the evening I'm going to this "reunion party" and I'm going to meet all of my friends from the language trip to Brighton. But on the day, I'm going to go shopping in all the stores that I can find! hihi


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