Saturday, 13 August 2011

Society is my friend.

I've had a great Friday. First I woke up at 11'o clock. Then at two I went into town with my good friend Amanda. I haven't seen her in ages so it was fun to see her again! After eating at McDonald's we went looking in some stores. After some hours we went back home and said goodbye. Right after that I went straight to Caroline's place. We talked and listened to The Beatles on her vinyl player. It was cozy. After an hour I had to go home because me and my family were going to a restaurant. My brother Alec is leaving on Sunday for one year in Washington studying journalism. I'm going to cry like a baby. HAHA. :c
After the dinner I was actually supposed to go to a party at my friend Markus but I didn't feel like it so I stayed at home instead. Witch I think was kinda smart because three of the guys on the party got cached by the police because they were to drunk. HAHAHA!
my favorite shoes. <3
Amanda. <3
This is what I whore today. HYPE ON LOOKBOOK.
Carolines room is awesome.
Abbey Road.
My brother André.


You're awesome!