Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dream because there is no other way I can see it happen.

SummertimeThis is what I want to wear next summer.

I am dreaming myself away to the summer in this winter wonderland. I miss the heat. I miss the feeling when you just could pull on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or a dress and then I was ready. I miss the traveling. I miss the ocean. I miss not having a special time when you need to go to bed, just to be awake as long as you can until you almost fall asleep while standing up. I could say a thousands things what I miss about the summer but it would be too much. But one thing I can't write about is love. But I hope that the summer 2011 will be the best summer. I'll be at the beach day in and day out. I'll get a tan as brown as a gingerbread. I'll swim until my hands are like raisins.I'll sit on cozy cafes with good friends and talk about everything from heaven to earth. I'll go shopping a whole new wardrobe. I'm going to my summer house here in Sweden with my friends. I'm going to be confirmed as sometimes is not that fun all the time. I'm going to a language trip to England where I will get to know lots of new people from all over the world. But most of all, I hope to find love. I hope to find a cute guy who loves me. A guy who I share everything with. A guy that I will get so many wonderful memories during the summer time. A guy who can talk about what he feels deep inside. A guy who is always there for me. A guy who kisses me on those specials moments. Every time he looks into my eyes it is as if he looks straight into my soul and know me by heart.
It would be nice, nice to find love. But as they say. Don't look for love because love will find you when it's time. I hope it's my time soon.

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